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Life is more fun if you play games

Roald Dahl

  • Relaxing evenings with the family

  • Pleasant walks around the neighborhood

  • Children happily playing with their puppy

  • Enjoyable visits with friends

Wait! WHAT?

This doesn't describe your current household? 

Is your canine crazy?

Visitors aren't visiting?

Walks are wild?

We can help!

Let's turn those struggles into strengths!

Let's play games and shape your pup's personality to create the dog of your dreams.

Calm, Confident, Connected


How we can help:

  • Calmness as a way of life

  • Optimism for any event that happens

  • Boundaries (place, mat)to give your dog a safe space and a clear job to do

  • Disengagement so other dogs or people are not their business

  • Proximity so your dog values staying close to you

  • Flexibility so your dog can handle unexpected changes

  • Self Control creates a dog that can listen in the face of distractions

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Untitled design (5).png

Game On


Private consults in your home

Valid for 6 weeks
5 one hour sessions



Private consults in your home

Valid for 12 weeks
10 one hour sessions



Private consults in your home

Valid for 18 weeks
15 one hour sessions

After purchasing your package and creating your client portal, I will send you an online questionnaire and waiver. I will also send you a link to an online prerequisite, interactive class explaining concept training. The paperwork and class need to be completed prior to our first in-home visit. After completion, you can schedule one or all of your sessions via credits in your client portal. 

picing plans
Meet & Greet

Would you like to know how we can help you with training your dog? Are you wondering what "games" training is? Ask us anything in this free 10 minute zoom call. We certainly can't solve any issue in ten minutes, but we can tell you what it would take to create your dream dog. 

It's free! Go ahead! Book now! 

For puppy specific information:

See games in action

For FAQ and Student Gallery:

Would you like to raise a calm, confident, focused puppy?

Does your adolescent or adult dog have some struggles?

We can help!

Learn how by contacting us below.

More Info

Your Games Coach

 Kathy Baldy

Kathy has been an avid dog lover from a young age. As a veterinary assistant for 27 years, she had opportunities to learn more about dog behavior and used that knowledge to help owners with their dog's struggles. 

Kathy was also a puppy class assistant instructor for 6 years with Dog Talk Training. Over the years she has attended multiple conferences, workshops, classes and seminars learning as much as possible about dog training and behavior. In 2018 she passed the Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course and currently does ongoing continuing education with their training academy.

About Me

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