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Your Games Coach

Kathy Baldy

Kathy has been an avid dog lover from a very young age. She knew early on she wanted a life living with and working with animals of all kinds. After majoring in Zoology in college she started her animal career working in a veterinary clinic. She spent 27 years as a veterinary assistant where she had the opportunity to learn about dog behavior and to counsel pet owners regarding their dog's struggles.

Kathy was also a puppy class assistant instructor for 6 years with Dog Talk Training. Over the years she has attended multiple conferences, workshops, classes and seminars learning as much as possible about dog training and behavior. In 2018 she passed the Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course and currently does ongoing continuing education with their training academy.

She currently owns two golden retrievers. Jovie is practicing agility and soon to have fun learning rally and scent work. Harmon is playing lots of games and will soon do class training in agility, rally, obedience and other fun activities.

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Kathy is a great dog trainer.  We work together with agility and Rally skills, as well as just skills to have well behaved dogs in our families.   She always sees positive ways to help the dog understand what we want.

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