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We can help!

Congratulations on your new puppy! If he's new to you by just a few days or maybe a few months, this is the beginning of a lifelong beautiful relationship.


Is your pup currently a team player and you are here to learn how to develop a relationship and teach skills so he becomes a well mannered adult?

We can help!

We can help!

Is your pup starting to display some behaviors that have you concerned and you would like to address these now while he is young?


There's a game for that!

Little League 

age 7-14 weeks

Monday & Thursday

5:00 pm

In this class we cover issues common with young puppies such as housetraining, crate training, socialization, mouthing and biting. We play simple games that help develop your puppy's confidence, optimism and proximity to you. 

We also address management strategies to help make your life easier and prevent your pup from practicing unwanted behaviors.

And it's never too early to begin teaching your puppy that calmness is a way of life. This will be extremely beneficial as your pup gets older and has endless energy.


Junior League

age 14 weeks to 5 months

Monday & Thursday

6:00 PM

In this class we continue our puppy's socialization, crate training and daily calmness. We also address proper play, exercise needs and enrichment ideas.

As our puppies are increasing their exploration of the world, we introduce novelty and positive pairing with new sights and sounds. This continues to build their confidence and optmism.


Senior League

age 5 months to 12 months

Monday & Thursday

7:00 PM

In this class we work on taming our wild adolescents by playing games to work through their age appropriate blips. 


We create reward experiences and positive interactions which helps grow their focus more on you and less on their surroundings.


We also tackle struggles that start to appear at this age such as barking, jumping, chasing and leash pulling. 


Payment and Scheduling

Payment Policy

Payment is due upon booking your course(s). There are no refunds for unused sessions. 

Little League $495

Little League and Junior League booked at the same time $890

Little League, Junior League and Senior League booked at the same time $1250

All puppies start in Little League regardless of age or experience, then progress to Junior League, then Senior League.

Classes booked individually (but still in above order) are $495

Scheduling Policy

You will receive an email after purchasing your package with a link to schedule. Upon clicking that link, choose the virtual session if this is your first session or the in-person session if you have completed your virtual. I will hold your preferred time slot for your virtual session for 3 days while awaiting receipt of signed waiver. If the waiver is not received within 3 days, I will release that time to a waiting client and you will need to reschedule your virtual consult. We will schedule your remaining sessions at our initial zoom meeting.

Cancellation Policy

Please schedule your individual sessions appropriately. Due to the nature of home visits and limited available consult times, you can reschedule one session per league. A 24 hour notice is required to reschedule. All sessions must be completed by the league expiration date.  At the discretion of the trainer, in the event of unsafe driving weather or emergencies, your session will be held via zoom.

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