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Terrific Teens

This is a dog class curriculum that you can enjoy in the privacy of your home. Learn more about games based training here. You will learn simple games to play with your dog and your dog will learn how to navigate the world and this tough age by starting in the familiarity of his home. Everybody wins!

Adolescent dogs. It's a thing. Really.

Of course, by now, you may have discovered that.

What happened to that cute, little, cuddly puppy?

Does your  youngster leave you feeling

worn out

run down

dead tired

done in?

We get it. We understand the teenage brain.

We can help.

Our unique games based approach to training dogs is not only fun but effective. Instead of feeling discouraged, you'll be delighted having your dog on the same team and being able to navigate the world together.


How we can help:

A dog's adolescent period can start between 5-8 months of age and last until they are 2-3 years old.

They have physical and chemical changes happening to their body and brain during this time. They are not being disobedient on purpose. We need to help them during this time of change to become the family pet you envisioned.

We play games to reshape their brain and set it on the right path. Concepts we work on:


CALMNESS: for peace and quiet in your home


DISENGAGEMENT: your dog ignores the enticing environment


PROXIMITY: so your dog wants to be with you and not run off


AROUSAL UP/DOWN: your dog can get excited but settle quickly


Step 1: Check out our Learn More page to see if you are interested in our training style.

Step 2: Contact us for more information if necessary. If  you would like to sign up, I can email you a link to purchase your package or you can click the link to the right. I will send another to sign the training paperwork. 

Step 3: Return required waiver.

Step 4: Coaching time! We will meet in your home, discuss concept training and start playing games! We will also set up your next 4 in person sessions.

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