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Lifeskills Dog Training

This is a dog class curriculum that you can enjoy in the privacy of your home. Learn more about games based training here. You will learn simple games to play with your dog and your dog will learn how to navigate the world and have beautiful household manners by starting in the familiarity of his home. Everybody wins!

Every dog owner wants that dog owning dream:

a pleasant household companion

a well behaved community citizen

a travelling buddy

a dog you're proud to take anywhere

Do you currently have:

a household rabble-rouser?

a neighborhood nuisance?

a backseat driver?

a loose cannon in public?

We can help!

Let us help you reshape your dog's brain,

teach new skills that he can use to be

that dream dog you envisioned.


How we can help:


Every dog has a brain. When put into a situation, it produces an outcome. The outcome is determined by the skills or lack of skills present in the dog's brain at that time.

With concept training, we take the dog out of the situation, play games to reshape their brain and grow skills so that when placed in that situation again, they are better equipped to make appropriate choices.

Concepts we work on to create a dog that is well rounded, easy to live with and has superb life skills:


BOUNDARY GAMES--a bed or cot in your home where your dog can chill and relax. Great for when you're eating or you have visitors.

LEASH SKILLS--your dog values being near you and can disengage from environmental distractions.

OPTIMISM--when faced with anything new or different, your dog will see it as an opportunity and not something to be worried about.

PROXIMITY--your dog wants to be near you no matter where you are. The basis for a recall or off leash freedom

CALMNESS--Calmness is king! A calm dog makes good choices in any environment.

RELATIONSHIP--the special glue that is at the heart of all your training and interactions with your dog

Book now! Link below


Step 1: Check out our Learn More page to see if you are interested in our training style.

Step 2: Contact us for more information if necessary. If  you would like to sign up, I can email you a link to purchase your class or you can click the link to the right. I will send another to sign the training paperwork. 

Step 3: Return required waiver.

Step 4: Coaching time! We will meet in your home, discuss concept training and start playing games! We will also schedule your next 4 sessions.

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