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Puppy Training

This is a puppy class curriculum that you can enjoy in the privacy of your home. Learn more about games based training here. You will learn simple games to play with your pup and your pup will learn how to navigate the world by starting in the familiarity of his home. Everybody wins!

Does that cuddly canine have you feeling







We get it. We know puppies. We can help.

Our unique games based approach to raising a puppy is not only fun but effective. Instead of feeling discouraged, you'll be delighted having your puppy on the same team.

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The Puppy


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What do we learn in puppy leagues?

All classes focus on SKILLS every puppy needs to navigate your world. These skills are the building blocks of your dog's brain that enable him to handle any distraction or any environment he may encounter.

How does this help me?

Little League focuses on 

  • Engagement: teaching your pup to interact with you and not chase the cat or the car, etc.

  • Proximity: teaching your pup that being close to you is the best place to be.

  • Confidence: the beginnings of creating the willingness to try anything.

  • Calm: Calmness is king! Let's start this early to make it a life-long valuable skill for you and your pup.

Junior League focuses on

  • Self Control: so your pup learns he can't have everything he sees. This prevents jumping, counter surfing, chasing.

  • Optimism: your pup sees all things new as an adventure and not something scary.

  • Novelty: all that new stuff they encounter is fun and good.

  • Calm: continuing with calmness is king. A calm dog is relaxed and happy.

Senior League focuses on

  • Disengagement: as your pup gets older, the world gets more exciting. Let's teach him to ignore the world and focus on you. The basis of a great recall.

  • Focus: you want to be the center of your dog's world. Helps with recall, loose leash walking.

  • Socialization: it's about being comfortable with people, places and dogs but not needing to interact with it all.

  • Calm: Surprise! Calmness is king again. A calm dog makes good choices.

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Kathy has helped me with my Australian Shepherd who is reactive to men, dogs and neighbors. We have learned games that have helped Storm make better choices and me to better handle Storm.

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